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So week 3 - shhh I am finding it ok

I have done two runs of week 3 and to be honest it has felt ok. Weeks one and two felt much harder.

Today on my day off - trotted out the door at 7 30 - lovley sunny day - completed the programme - but felt I had more to give and i was someway from home. so decided to 'treat' myself to free running and walking. Stuck on cold play and away i went - I can honestly say it was a pleasure - probably at least doubled up on the programme and distance. And I was definelty thinking what a'gift ' this running is - something I look fwd to doing now

So all very positive - so why am I dreading week 4 - running for 5 mins -really....It feels like a big leap.

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Well done that you've found the treat of the blissful 'zone' brought about by running, so soon! I took a few weeks as I seemed to be thinking about legs, feet, breathing, keeping warm etc etc... Then suddenly I trotted out one day, felt the sun on my face and heard only the music and felt the fresh air ... A M A Z I N G ! Don't give the next week any second thought - if you make it happily through a week believe in the programme that you will be adequately prepared for the next instalment. You'll do just fine :) And yes, it was lovely this morning, I too was out early. Keep on doing what you are clearly doing so well :D

Linda x


I do so love blogs where people talk about the joy of running - doesn't matter how far or how fast, just enjoying it! Lovely. :)


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