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Week 6 Complete!!

Well never in a million years did I think when starting this C25k plan that I would actually enjoy running and look forward to my next run!

I really can't believe how this plan has got me to run 25 mins and I still felt like I could have done more!! the night before Wk 6 Run 3 I was really worrying if I would be able to even run that long, but thought I would just try and see how I got on. Imagine my surprise when I ran with relative ease.

Anyone worried about it just go for it and you may surprise yourself!!! and now I can brag to my husband as he wants to start running again and took the mickey out of the programme and saying how could running/walking for 60 secs help you when you could just go out and run 2 miles!! needless to say I have now completed week 6 and yes you guessed......he's not even started his running yet!! I think I have had the last laugh!!

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Really good for you and for keeping your humour with your husband. At week 3 I read post like your's with awe- in three weeks time will i really be running for 25 mins - impossible......


Well done! So, will your husband feel the need to compete with you now and actually start running? ;-)


In week one I bought my husband a pair of trainers in the sales so he wouldn't have an excuse not to join me! He is now training for a half marathon while I'm happy to run 5k a couple of times a week. So I think my husband has had the last laugh! Good luck with your next run although it sounds as though you're making great progress. :)


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