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OMG looking forward to running today!

Don't believe it! I am actually looking forward to my run today. Having started in March I have run through rain sleet and snow and usually in the dark. Today the sun is trying to come out and I am not at work so doing to treat myself by driving to the seafront and running there. And I don't care who sees me. I know Laura will get me through. Progress indeed! Love the plan!

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Lovely! Your blog so reminds me of me! I've found that the more I run, the more I enjoy it, and now I've got to 3 weeks after graduation I REALLY don't care who sees me! And I frequently go back to the week 9 podcasts, just to have the comfort of Laura to get me through! Good luck with the rest of c25k. xx


I hope your run was a good one.

Its funny how this running lark grabs us.


Ha ha just like me! I had a long drunken debate (argument) with my husband and a close friend over Christmas with me saying that I could NEVER run because I HATED running and actually couldn't PHYSICALLY run because I hadn't run since I was a small child. Fast forward to now and I am on week 8 of C25K and excited about every run... What has happened to me?!


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