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Calf pain

I graduated a couple of weeks ago and managed 37 mins afterwards..v slowly.

My calves are still killing me.....I was going to go out this morning but yet again think I need to rest!! I've used frozen peas, muscle rub, ibubrophen, paracetemol etc etc.

As I've never been a runner, I don't actually know if it's just stiffness or I've actually injured myself (I know that sounds thick). The pain is on the inside of the calf about half way between knee and ankle.

I'm so upset as I was doing well, now scared to run, and scared not to in case my ability to do so has passed.

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How old are your shoes?

Have they started to colapse to the inside of the shoe?

Have you had your gait analysed?


Hi, yes done all that...was assessed and have moulded insoles , in recommended running shoes, only bought 2 weeks into programme. I had a slight over pronate problem, sorted with shoes.




I had the same issue, I bought some long compression socks on ebay and they helped.


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