Set myself a target for October


I have just done R2 of week4 and got offered the opportunity to run the Great South 10 miler in October. I used to run regularly about 15 yrs ago so setting myself a target to aim for.

Week 4 going really well so feeling really positive about the whole thing.

Up in Liverpool at the weekend so will go for a slow run around Sefton park and see how that goes.

Back home I will stick to the c25k program

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  • What a co-incidence! Only last night someone asked me if I was going to do the Great South run in October. I can't think that far ahead at the moment. 10 miles is an awful long way for someone like me who's never been a runner. But if I do end up going for it, I'll post on here and perhaps we can spur each other on.

  • Nothing like a goal to stay motivated! keep posting so that we know how things go with training etc.

  • Go for it! Particularly as you're not new to running. All the best with it - keep posting to let us know how it goes :)

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