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W9R2 completed

I've not written on here in a while because I've been extremely busy of late, but I have progressed a fair bit. Probably not as fast as I'd have liked due to personal commitments but I'm still reasonably on track (3 days off schedule in total).

W9R1 was awful, definitely the worst run so far on this programme. Within 2 minutes my legs started aching, my ipod battery had died so all I had to keep me entertained was the sound of my keys jangling in my pocket. It was tough, I hit the 15 minute mark and found myself staring at my watch multiple times (that doesn't normally happen until around 20-25 minutes in). The "heat" was making it tougher, the wind was making it tougher, absolute nightmare and nearly considered giving up on several occasions. But... I didn't, I pushed through it and completed it and looking back on it I'm really glad that I just pushed through it.

W9R2 was difficult to wake up for this morning after the previous run but it went surprisingly well by comparison. Don't get me wrong though, the wind was again really strong and for the most part, my route seemed to keep leading me into it. Afterwards, I felt much happier about completing it this time than the previous near disaster that was averted.

So, graduation this weekend, which is quite an exciting thought. In a way, I'm quite happy it's the end of the programme because I'm finding this week quite difficult so it will give me a chance to stay at this level (and get used to it) for a few more runs before moving on and increasing the time I'm running for again.

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That's the way, one more run until graduation, the end goal is in sight!

I think everyone has bad runs, I know I do, it's how you come back after them that counts! :D


Well done on remaining focused. Enjoy your graduation run. :-)


One more to go! Enjoy it, and then come and tell us all about it :)


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