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W9 R2 done and 5km in the bag, well chuffed!

It was my first run of week 9 on Tuesday and was hoping to hit the 5km mark, unfortunately my lace came undone during the last 90 seconds so had to slow right down to stop myself tripping over them. Was determined to finish the 30minutes before doing it back up as never made it this far before. After uploading my run from my garmin I discovered I was 0.02 of a mile off of 5km, was a little disappointed.

After the slight disappointment of being so close to 5km on Tuesday I was determined to breach the 5km in under 30 minutes today, just got in and checked my distance and managed 5.3km in the 30 minutes :-D

I've got a huge grin on my face as I type this, can't wait for the final run on Saturday :-)

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Congratulations! That's a huge achievement to get to 5k in week 9 - not many of us managed it! Bet that grin lasts a good while! :)


Congratulations!, that's a really good time for W9 :)


Well done - enjoy your graduation run!


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