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W3 R2. The physical changes are wonderful!

So today was my second run of week three. The first 90 second run was over so quickly! It felt much more like 30 seconds.

I'm really happy I've kept going and I'm nearly on week four! It's amazing to be able to feel the changes in recovery times and stamina. I remember on week 1 when I was unable to recover from a 60 second 'run' before the next run was due. Now I'm fully recovered long before Laura says it's time to run again. It feels fantastic!

Physically (so far!) I'm finding the running to be okay. I find it's ignoring that little voice that keeps saying 'stop!' that's the hardest challenge.

I'm REALLY looking forward to be able to run for 5 minutes without stopping next week!! :D

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Well done and your right the recovary between runs the further down the program you get is quite amazing, i find it gives me mental encoragement to keep going.


Absolutely! I remember being amazed that I could actually tell the difference in my fitness by the end of week 2! (I only wish it'd keep on improving at the same rate, as my improvements have definitely slowed somewhat ;) )


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