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Couch to 5K
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Week8 run1 oh yeah it's done

Well I did it had the two days rest and this week didn't do an outside run in between and I managed it even managed to run faster for the last two mins. My distance isn't great so not great am not telling anyone about it lol. The finishing line is in sight and am even thinking of doing the strength and flex programme think I need a bit more help with the old muscles. I really admire the people who run in the heat, today I had to open the window as far as I could and the sweat was still blinding me. This programme is great I went to the nurse the other day for a mini check up and I'm sure the good results were due to the exercise. Keep going everyone it's making us healthier and happier.

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Well done your doing realy well, only 5 runs till graduation, it not all about distance its more of actualy running for a full 30mins speed and distance will come in time. Keep up the good work


Well done you, I did the same run this morning :o)


Brilliant. I've just finished my first run of W8 too. We're nearly there now. Keep up the good work! X


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