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C-2-5K Newbie

Just completed Week 2 of the C-2-5K program. It's brilliant.

I bought some running shoes a year ago, and tried to start running. Ended up feeling wrecked after 20 minutes, and depressed as to how many bits of my torso seemed to wobble of their own accord. So I gave up.

After Christmas I decided I needed to lose some weight, so I lost about 10lbs (cut down on recreational eating). Then I discovered C-2-5K, and dug out my running shoes.

I cannot believe the difference having a personal trainer in your ear has made. Not only am I managing to do it, but I am really enjoying it, which I would never have guessed I would. My wife has even started doing it, which makes it all the more fun because we are both at the same stage.

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Congratulations on starting again.

Laura really does help keep you motivated and going.

do I detect a little friendly rivalry between you and your wife.....

Keep going, writing a blog after each run will help to keep you inspired.


No rivalry this week. I am working away in Spain, so a nice run at 7am in a warm climate is fab. I don't think she is quite as motivated in a colder England!!

Back home tomorrow to start W3 :-)


How fantastic that you are both following the plan. My hubbie just waves me out of the door with the remote control in one hand and a G&T in the other. Not that I'm envious or anything! LOL! But I get a serious buzz from each run I complete and I can still have a G&T when I get back if I want :D


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