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Woohoo enjoying this running milarky!!

I have just completed wk6r3 and will start w7 tomorrow morning. Never did I think at christmas that by end of april I would be able to run for 30 mins but I know I will now. I dont go very fast but I seem to have a good steady rhythm which makes all the difference and find I can sort of meditate as I run. I do however find the continuous running a bit easier than the stop/start with walk inbetween, anyone else find this? And at the risk of some folk thinking (and being correct!!) that Im totally laalaa I really find that when I get a little tired I give myself an instant energy boos by usung reiki, works wonders and makes me feel sooo good!

I am running the Baker Hughes 10k in May which is what started me running, Im raising funds for a charity close to my heart so if ever there was an incentive to keep goping thats it as Ive raised a whopping £170 so far, feels sooo good!!!! Enjoy everyone!!!!

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That all made good sense to me! (Though not very familiar with reiki.)

Lovely to see blogs enjoying the longer runs too - I think you're right, finding a rhythm that works for you, is so important. The temptation to try and go faster all the time can so easily end in exhaustion and disillusion!

Slow and steady is my mantra, even though I find it hard to stick to it sometimes! (Not that I go fast, you understand, but I do often start off faster than I can sustain, and then wonder why I'm finding it so hard...)


I did my w7r1 today and ran easily for the 25 mins. I also got an app on my phone to see how far I actually ran and it says 3.4k, useful to know. I actually found it easier today to get into the rhythm and I love the bit where the wind blowing me changes from being irritating to being lovely!


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