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First blog for ten days, and first run for 9!

9 days off, one year older, lots of beer, cigs and hefty meals since my last run! I was prepared for so much worse, it wasn't easy but doable. No more fags and more runs, that is my promise to me.

I was dreading it, I had it in my mind I would not make 5K but, as always, once I had dragged myself out it was great. I had some tough runs about 2 weeks ago and I had lost the love of running, just got it in my head that I could not do it! I feel back on track now and cannot wait for the next run.

Phew, that was a close one!!

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Really good to see you back again bluepiano - be blue no more! And happy belated birthday.



:-) cheers :-)


Well done for getting back out there! Good luck for the no smoking, and keep up the running instead - you know you want to :)


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