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First failed run!


It finally happened, my first failed run. Well, sort of.

I'd only been out once in 6 days due to illness so decided to have a 4th go at the week 8 run before stepping up to the final week. But the wind, and possibly not going out running quite so regularly, just got the better of me.

On my return half of the run the strong wind was constantly blowing towards me and I was determined to beat it. But i had to give in and return to walking for a minute or two before completing the run. So did the 28 minute run but with a cheeky walk about two thirds of the way through.

And I was gutted! I got to week 8 without too much of a kerfuffle but I'm struggling to "get over the line"!

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That's not a fail! Not in my book anyway - and it happened to me once or twice too. :) Sometimes towards the end of the session things are so finely balanced as to whether you can keep going or not that the slightest obstacle can tip things - an unexpected incline, a strong headwind or, here, tricky loose sand - so that the body says 'enough?' and the mind cravenly capitulates. :)


Well if the strength of the wind was anything like I had yesterday, you definitely did not fail! At one point I was blown almost to a standstill!

And as you're recovering from illness then you did remarkably well. Don't fret about it, accept it for what it was - a tricky run but one that you completed, and hopefully the next one will go much better.


That really doesn't sound like a fail to me either (and anyway, there's no such thing as a failed run, if you get out of the door - you got out there and you ran!)

The combination of recovery from illness and strong headwind adds a very significant extra level of difficulty, so it's not fair to compare it with a previous run without either of those problems.

Week 9, and graduation, here you come! :)


Nope, sorry, you're wrong - that was not a fail :) Wot Greenlegs said as well, and best of luck for your next run. I'll look forward to your graduation blog :)

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