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W4R1 complete

I woke at 5, had a drink and fed dogs before we headed out after 6. I took a different route today, so I wouldn't have the uphill first thing into my run, the first 3 min were easy compared to how it was Tuesday with the hill. This meant I recovered in time for my first 5 minute run which I was dreading, but I did it and completed the session. I'm real stoked! And sweaty hehe.

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Well done - that's a mighty early time to get out for a run! If you can do 5 minutes, you can do a whole lot longer, because the first 5 minutes is very often the worst bit! :)

Very wise to avoid hills too! :)


Well done to you for getting to Wk4. I've repeated wk3 twice because I'm VERY worried about these 5 minute runs!!! But tonight is the night.......... :-0


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