GREAT!!! Wk9R1

Well this is the second time of doing this training program, last year i had to stop due to a herniated disc in my neck, now im on track to compleating it wk 9 has come so fast i was feeling dubious about running 30 mins but off i went last night, and i did it !! And to my amazment i managed to clock 5.19km (plus the walks) oh soooo happy!! I never thought i would lookforward to my runs like i do but its like an addicton now, loved the program and cart wait to graduate and start the 10k training

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  • Ouch for the neck :-o

    That's fantastic and a distance/time to be proud of congratulations :)

  • Well done, you must be running at a great pace.

  • Congratulations! Enjoy grad week to the fullest! :-) Gayle

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