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Week 1... Run 2

Having completed the first run on Friday, I was in two minds when to do the second. It should, of course, have been Sunday but then I got thinking maybe Monday would be better. I am playing football again on Wednesday, so whichever way I did it I was going to have two consecutive rest days presuming I wanted at least one in between bouts of exercise.

I should have known as soon as I started thinking that way that there would be no way I would get out of the door yesterday! I was pretty tired having got up early to watch the Formula 1, and the lure of an evening catching up with the few decent things on TV that I'd missed during the week turned out to be too strong. Never mind, there's always tomorrow isn't there?

Tomorrow of course rarely comes, and it nearly didn't for this as it was a struggle to get myself motivated enough to go running tonight but once I started I was glad I did. The hardest step really is the first out of the door, isn't it?

When I went for the first run my legs were still pretty stiff and sore from playing football last week, but the extra rest day really seems to have helped them recover. As a result I found it a lot easier tonight, in fact I actually felt like I was running rather than doing some strange over energetic shuffle. I walked for about 5 minutes before starting the podcast in order to ensure that when the runs started they would be on a level path, and then proceeded to surprise myself with how far as I was managing to go.

I had planned a route that takes me along the river, and had worked out the point at which to turn around to make the entire distance 5km. I didn't expect to get to that point anytime soon, but during the middle of the 4th 60 second run I found myself there! I am have no doubt that this has far more to do with the fact I walk pretty quickly rather than being a great fit runner (I am certainly not that!) but still, I was pretty pleased with myself.

I suspect that as the amount of running increases I will probably find the distance I cover decreases, which sounds strange but I already knew I can walk at a reasonably high speed for long periods of time. I just can't run very much!

Anyway, I got back home to hear the news about the Boston marathon. The thought of the amount of training and effort it must take someone to prepare to run a marathon is, to me at least, mind blowing. My thoughts are obviously with those affected, and their friends and family.

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There really are some sick people in the world aren't there! Listening to updates on the radio and thinking of pals who are preparing for Sundays London event. Not nice thoughts. :( Anyway, well done for getting out there and doing your own thing! I'm sure you will soon find that your improved all-round-fitness-levels will soon mean that coping with work and TV and life and running and football will fit neatly into your week ;). Lots of luck


I think that soon you will find going for a run will take over the tv.

You'll see improvements in your football too.

Good luck for your next run.


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