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W2 R2 - Nasty track


I couldn't run early this morning in our park as I had an appointment so by the time I could the schools were out and the park would be seething with children....and even worse...teenagers who might mock me :-( Sad aren't I? My son says I should run and be proud as they would probably admire someone my age for running.

So we went to the waterpark which has a track all round the lake. We'd forgotten what the track was like though. Rough broken small stones almost all the way; it was horrid. I was saying in my head that this would be the last time I ran there all the time and I'm sure that's what got me round! Lots of very good young things speeding past gulping water as they did. But, I did it! puffing and panting but I did it! It gives me hope for the future. notpheidippides said that perhaps I should repeat week 2. HaH! I said. I'm only repeating weeks if I fail at a run.

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Nope, not sad! I'm the same... spent ages at lunch time today pulling out and trying on various tops... all too short to cover my tum and bum properly... Oh the problems of running in warmer weather... 8-)

Well done on another good run. Sounds like you've got the running bug now. Look forwards to your next blog. :-)


Haha I said 'no way to Lycra' at the beginning of this :-) have a guess what I've just gone out and purchased :-)

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