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Sore calves and shins

So chuffed to have got through first three weeks but on first run of wk4 my calves were so sore (shins a bit sore too but not so much) that I went back to walking.Even when I started to run again I was too sore and stopped. I have had these pains in the other weeks but they have always gone away as I ran. Any suggestions pls as to what I should or shouldn't be doing as want to keep going.

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Hi I have suffered with calf pain too!! For me it has been a combination of running up a steepish hill & over pronation. Which was fixed by resting, running a flatter route & insoles in my trainers. I am a very new runner so can't offer may words of wisdom but I would suggest that you just get your trainers & gait checked to make sure your feet are getting the right support. Well done on getting to week 4 xxxx


Hi, I myself have experienced this pain(I am into week2) when I dont do warm ups before the run and cooling down exercises after the run.Suggest you to try them and hopefully it will work for you. Cheers!


I had pain in my calves when I started and someone suggested compression socks. These have worked really well for me. You don't have to get expensive ones, look them up on Amazon and check out the reviews. My first pair are Aldi ones and my second from amazon which cost with postage about £4.25 I can't remember the name something like 'mile running' or something like that.

Congratulations on getting to week 4 :-)


Make sure you do your stretches after each run.

I've had sore achilles tendons and calves for a few weeks now and I've found that a gel heel lift in my shoes (running and everyday ones) eases the discomfort without being at all obtrusive.

Calf lifts are a good exercise - stand on a step with your heels hanging off the back of the step, lower your heels then raise them, do 15 reps if you can and try to build them up over time (google it for a better description!).

Hills tend to aggravate calf and achilles pain - I've found that taking smaller steps when running uphill is a lot more comfortable.

Massage or using a foam roller can also be a big help. Also, try icing after each run.

If you haven't already been for gait analysis, give it a go now !

Hope things improve soon :-)


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