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W2R1 OMG that was so hard!

So, feeling pleased with myself after last weeks achievements, I was feeling optimistic about progressing to week 2, after all, how much harder can an extra 30 seconds be especially with a longer walk in between each run?

Well I am sitting here now and everything aches! I found it soooo hard to complete. I don't seem to be able to get enough air into my lungs! I am running on a treadmill at the moment, so it has a little bounce and I have got some trainers that were tested for support against my running technique, but I still got a lot of pain in my shins.

I'm hoping run 2 will be a little easier but after last weeks success, both with the running and the weight loss, I really don't want this plan to get the better of me!

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well done, as for the aches, you will get those, have a cool bath after a run, i find it helps me.

perhaps alternate out side running and the treadmill?

Good luck to you :-)


Stretch your leg muscles when you get back from the run, it will make a lot of those aches and pains go away. As for pain in your shins its probably because you are hitting the ground heel first, I know Laura says this is good technique but its not according to everything else I have read and my own experience. Try landing on the middle of your foot and then rolling to the toes, this allows your heel to act as a shock absorber rather than having all of the energy run up your legs. I went from heel first to the middle of the foot running and it feels a lot more natural and fluid, plus you hurt less


Many thanks for both of your tips! I will give them a go for my run tomorrow.


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