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W8R1 here I come!!! was my W7R3. The start was not so good, stones inside the shoe so after 2 minutes walking had to stop the walk and remove the shoe and shake off the stones. Then when I was about to start the run, I just remembered I was not wearing my comfy ‘Sports Bra’! It was working in my mind for about 10 minutes while running, then I managed to forget it and concentrate on Laura’s music. Not the best music but I kept going. (I feel sad to leave Laura as she gives me such encouragement, so decided to use her music as long as I can.)

Anyway, I ran/jogged and ran/jogged and ran/jogged! It was 12C even though the sun was not fully smiling; so my next obstacle- I was regretting wearing a short top under the T Shirt , ( short sleeves but two layers!!) it was too hot! I always put a head-band over the ears so I do not have any problems with my ear-phones falling off half way or hair coming onto my eyes (I need a hair cut as well!) and I was too hot! I thought that I was going to stop the run, too many obstacles from the start and I was getting annoyed with myself and music was annoying me too. It was not fun to listen to the same music thrice when it is not the best! BUT then the Monkey on the shoulder challenged me! Sooo, I knew I was not going to stop until Laura asked me to stop at the end. I could not run the last minute faster to prove myself that I can do the fast running (as Laura asked me to).I was too tired and too hot! Anyway at the end, I completed my 5K in 34minutes 56 Seconds. Am I happy? Of course I am!

I think according to my new calculation I am running 5K or maybe a tiny bit more as I do an extra walk at the end because when I calculated using my good old ‘Bing Map and Post Codes’ it said I was running/jogging/walking 5.2K all this time but when I did it in the car two days ago, it said I was only doing 4.9K. Now to make it up to 5K I do an extra few meters. More is ok for me, less is not too good. As some of you know I try to do 5K because my Race in July is 5K.

Now to GARMIN, I decided I am going to buy one, but as a present to myself when I graduate, hopefully at the end of this month. (Thank you very much rockchick69, it is a great idea!) I will have to have a break from my running anyway from 30th April until 2-3 weeks in May due to the hand surgery, so I can start a new route/s with my Garmin in hand when I re-start my running. That would be great!

OK then…W8R1 here I come!!!

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Well well done for finishing despite all those pesky obstacles. You still did it!! X


Thank you justmole, (this blog has been posted twice, do not understand why..maybe do understand. I sent it once and thought it did not go so sent it again!) glad I did it, but was a bit too tired at the is your running going on??


Great news... We'll both be hitting the last couple of weeks together.... And then graduation!!!!! Garmins for us both, eh? Have almost been persuaded I need one! :D Oh the persuasive power of virtual friends :D Lots of luck for your next few runs, Linda x


Thank you Linda, when are you going to do the W8R1?? We can be graduates together and buy Garmins for us!! Yeah!!! It is supposed to be a 'need' not a 'want'! So let's go for it! By the end of April (hopefully!!) we should be graduates, how cool is that? Good luck to you for your runs too!!


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