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What a great Monday!

Week 2 run 1

Well, I came home from work, had lunch, caught up with the family on the phone and headed out at 4.30. After a clothing debate, I found a hockey shirt in my husband's drawer. It's the old strip so doesn't get worn! Light weight jacket on so I warm up and off I went. A bit slower this week as every run ended up with a gentle slope in it at some point. I put on a sports watch before starting. I won't do that again as I clock watched! Phone in pocket next time so I won't keep checking it.

It was lovely doing the walk at the end looking at the horses and looking over Aberdeen to the sea, supply ships bobbing on the glistening sea in the sun. I photoshopped out the pylons in my mind! I'm looking forward to planning my runs so I finish at the icecream kiosk in Hazlehead Park and then walk home.

Next run Wednesday but it's due to rain! Mud here I come.

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Marvellous seascape... could almost have been there. :-) Well done on your run too!


Well sound like you are really enjoying your running. Im liking the sound of the ice cream van too !!!


That was a lovely descriptive blog. :) I'll have an ice-cream too, when you get there, if that's ok?


What flavour ice cream? In my ideal world every shop would sell coffee ice cream.


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