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W3R1 - What a killer!!!!! and gadgets

Well, today I went out an hour earlier (15:45 instead of 16:45) so as not to leave my wife trying to cope with little granddaughter and making the tea on her own.

Did that make a difference? I don't know to be honest. But even though I had lunch at 1 o'clock it did feel a bit too soon after eating.

So the run how was it? Quite hard. The first 90 sec run felt quite easy so I was thinking this is not going to be too bad. Oh how wrong. 2mins into first 3min run I was dead on my feet and as I went passed the cemetery it felt like I should be in there with them all!!!!! The only thing that qualified it as a run was the fact that both feet were off the ground at once. But the last 60secs were slower than my normal walking speed. However, I didn´t stop. Made it to the end feeling rather puffed out.

So if you are about to start W3 you might find it hard but you will get to the end. I am expecting R2 to be very hard and then hopefully R3 will be a bit easier.

A note about gadgets as there have been some blogs. I use a Heart Rate Monitor just to keep an eye on things and make sure I don´t exert myself too much. I got mine in Aldi 18 months ago. It cost £12.99 and has three levels of information, basic, normal and pro. so if you're thinking of getting one but don't want to spend wads of cash keep a lookout in good ol' Aldi or Lidl.

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Good post LRM - they o say that nothing worthwhile is easy (:->).

It does get better - honest. It sounds like you'll stick with it.

If anyone needs reassurance about Ali & Lidl, that's where I get most of my kit. Not the shoes - there are some things you just don't skimp on. But when they have their shorts, leggings, socks, etc. on offer, I snap 'em up. When it gets near (shhh) the autumn, look out for the performance base layers. Great quality, cheap prices and they really do the job! A whole winter's use and mine are still like new. (mind you, I use a treadmill most o the time in winter, but even so ...)

Anyway, keep up the good work and let us have more updates as you progress through the programme.


Thanks for the encouragement. We shall plod on. Hopefully get a bit faster by R3.

Scared the wife tonight. Told her I was going to have buy some shorts as it is getting a bit too warm for tracksuit bottoms. Think I have missed them in Adl and Lidi as a friend of mine calls them!!!


First time out in shorts, huh? I remember being so scared. 57 year old fat bloke in shorts? But nobody looked twice - such a relief and from then on the breeze flowing round my knees and unmentionables was just sublime!

But yes, your bette half will giggle. Or roll her eyes ... (:->)


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