Week 8 completed!

I finished week 8, yesterday. I have been doing this program with my 2 daughters, and they have managed to get ahead of me by a week, but one of them came with me yesterday. It was drizzling slightly, and we ran round Hampstead Heath as we were staying in London. My knees started hurting after about 18 minutes, but we kept on and even ran another 5 minutes after Laura said to stop, as we had a black gate we had decided to reach. My hip hurts a bit today, but it was lovely,. Only one more week to go to graduation!

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  • Congratulations!!! It's really nice you are experiencing this as a family. Welcome to Grad week! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks for the congratulations. My 13 year old then came back this evening having run a full 5k, which took her 41 minutes, so alas not sure how long I'll be able to experience running with her!

  • Congratulations on completing the week, even pushing it a bit, now that is commitment. Good luck with week 9.

  • Thanks for that, week 9 sounds a bit intimidating, as after that there isn't the structure.

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