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Woke up this morning to heavy rain and wind. Decided to chicken out, so went swimming anyway... Got back home, weather slightly better and irritated with myself for not getting w4r3 out of the way.. Grabbed gear, set off out in a force 5 wind (on the coast....) thinking only to do half of the run, then did the whole lot, and feel really really good now.

Wind was so strong at times I think I was running on the spot! Plus dodging the wheelie bins, and people backing out of driveways without looking..... still I did it!!!!!!!

Off to work now!

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Many congratulations ... Great attitude to the weather and doesn't the coastline often look more spectacular in a storm anyway? ;)

You're making great progress, keep it up ... Soon be summer :D

Cheers, Linda x


Great, well done! I did most of c25k in bad weather, but if you cope with what the weather chucks at you, you know nothing can stop you!


And you did it in all that wind too! FAntastic well done! X


Well done :)


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