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Earphones with in line controls

I currently run with just my I phone earphones but they don't stay in v well. I'd like some ones with the loops round your ears (wear these type at work so find them comfortable) but can't find them with in line control which I want so I can skip tracks if I want. Also don't want to spend loads. Sound quality isn't a great factor in decision lol

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I don't know about in line controls but the loops certainly are stable and work well for me.

I saw some bluetooth headsets that loop from one ear to the other and don't need the dreaded cable (which I find pretty annoying). I guess with B/T you can just work your device as you go along? But I can see the downside to having to hold the device throughout the run.

I've not been very helpful, have I? (:->)


Not sure if these are any good? but I wear them all the time and love them x


Yourbuds have one with inline controls to function with the iPhone...

We are expecting a delivery soon of the other products, but if you want some I can get a price for you... They just hang in your ear and even when I tugged on the wire they would not come out.


Infact... Just rung and added to our order... If you want a pair they will be £60 each


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