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At a snail's pace... W7R3

Went really slowly today, as I was worried I wouldn't make it after exagerrating with 5x50 yesterday. The thought of Greenlegs ("slow and steady") waiting for me to keel over kept me going. :D

Ended up doing a minute extra as I had to keep up appearances on the main road, just before the oh-so-steep steps back up to the centre of town.

Now for a day's rest in the sun. 8-)

Happy running all and good luck with Day 2 of the 5x50 challenge.

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Wooo hooo well done. :-)

Good luck with week 8.........Oh my goodness week 8!


Thanks... It's frightening to see "week 8" there! Mind's been so full of 5x50 these last couple of days... Am going to keep slow, just plod on ...and on. :-)


Slow and steady and you'll both be just fine! :)


Good on ya and an extra minute as well, brilliant! Enjoy the sunshine (not jealous at all....!)



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