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Week 3 Runs 2 and 3

I did run 2 on Tuesday and run 3 tonight and found them a lot easier on the treadmill with no hills and no snow! I felt really good at the end of today's session, caught my breath much more quickly after the second 3 min run and felt like I could easily keep going.

I'm going to do a Week 3 run again on Sunday morning outside(!) and then start Week 4 on the treadmill on Tuesday. I think I'll cope better running outside if I've already done a session on the treadmill. I admire all of you for doing the whole program outside, I'm just a wimp ;-)

Looking forward to the lighter nights too which will encourage me to do more sessions outside (hopefully!)


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I admire you using the treadmill - I think I'd hate it! I quite enjoyed running in the snow, though it was hard work on the legs. Anyway, it doesn't matter really, as long as we're not sitting on the couch! :)


Absolutely! I did find the final walk a bit tedious... 8 minutes of plodding along staring at the wall... I'm really noticing just how lumpy and bumpy the plasterwork is! ;-)


You could decorate on the dys Inbetween....that always feels like hard exercise when the wife makes me do it!


Hmmmm... Good idea! I think I'll get my partner onto that ! ;-)


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