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W7r3 harder than ever

Well this week has been the hardest I've done! But I have finished week 7 today, think maybe because its the first week where the only break from running is the cool down at the end and Laura is right it seems a little relentless at times :-)

I am going to remain positive though as after all I haven't stopped (other than to cross major roads, not sure if that counts!). I haven't a managed to pick up the pace at the last minuet interval either but today just pushed myself another 100 yards after Laura said slow down to prove I could carry on if I wanted to (I'm such a dare devil :-)).

So folks..... I need some advice I think I might be self sabotaging my running because I know that week 9 is coming fast and am terrified to complete it then have nothing - does this make sence to anyone? Or has anyone felt the same?

Please comment if you have any ideas on how I can turn my negative attitude around and get me through next week, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated


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Abi, week 7 was very hard for me too, I think maybe as you say it's because you don't get a break any more. Bye bye nice little breathers! I'm doing week 8 run 3 tomorrow, and can honestly say that week 8 has been easier than week 7! My breathing settles down and I am feeling much more relaxed about it all. My legs too, don't seem to resist as much any more. I also changed routes, so I'm not hooked into thinking that I can only run in one location, I can run anywhere! It's also a lot more interesting!

As for after c25k, there are plenty of people on here still blogging about their efforts and achievements beyond.

Have you tried the strength and flex podcasts? I have completed these too, and found them ideal on rest days as it keeps you in touch with doing exercise and is great for flexibility. If I feel like it I do some of the stretches after the runs and after completing it you can adapt the exercises to suit yourself or your lifestyle or whatever.

So lots of luck for your week 8, hope any of this helps.


My week 7 was pure hell too! It took me five runs to complete it before moving on, and then WK8 was heaven after that - I think theres a lot of us on here that like the structure and we doubt how we'll carry on without our Laura. Maybe listen to some of the podcasts again, change your route and do a parkrun or something? I will switch on to the 25k+ podcasts but I'm going to thrive in just the thirty minutes or so with my own playlist....well, thats if I get there. W9 R1 tonight. Keep motivated, you're nearly there, only 6 more to go!


Hey thank you so much this really does help, my week 8 starts on sat but I'm on nights so I might postpone it until I have rested I don't want anything to put me off - then again I really should just try if running is going to become a part of my life, il see how I go.

Wow 6 runs left sounds like nothing when you put it like that - sound really achievable!

I have downloaded the strength and flex but not started yet I will give it a try, I had been doing davina DVDs but had to stop as I was overdoing it and not resting properly any my legs were really suffering! Now I'm running properly and have more of a routine ie running alternate days Il pick up the weights an start doing some crunches again soon!

these lighter evenings are giving me an incentive to get into shape :-) that summer holiday is getting closer lol.

Just 1 question about the strength an flex - I only have the iPad and iPhone are they easy to use on these and would you suggest doing the videos or just follow the voice/written plan!


Can't help about ipads or iphones, but I found week 7 a big step up - the euphoria of wk6 run 3 has worn off and it all seems a bit much! Also, I think it's easy to push too hard, and try to up the pace, whereas it's probably more sensible to keep it fairly easy, at least for the first half, then you're more likely to have something left at the end.

You can work on pace after you graduate, or after a bit of consolidation of 30 minute running you might decide to aim for a longer time/distance. I finished about 4 weeks ago (can't believe it's that long ago, it seems like last week) and I've done some longer runs and some shorter ones to try to build up my speed a bit. i was worried I might stop without the structure, but I'm still doing fine so far! Parkruns are well worth investigating - depending on how close you are to 5k - that's my target at the moment, to be able to not be last! (I've done one, and was 203rd of 203 - and very proud of it too!)

Get to graduation first though, don't worry about stopping afterwards! :)


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