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Week 1 Run 1 - Treadmill Teething Problems!

I did it! First run down :) Apart from a few issues with the treadmill at the gym, I quite enjoyed it. I cant see me running for 30 minutes though, but I am going to trust the programme and keep it up!

It was quite tough for the first few minute runs but by half way I was into the swing and started to enjoy it. That lasted until around 20 minutes in when my treadmill decided that was quite enough silly running and started a cool down! I didnt realise that the treadmills at my gym are programmed for 20 mins at a time so had to re-start it for the last ten minutes!

I wasnt really sure how fast the walks & runs were supposed to be so it took a few goes around to find a speed that was comfortable. I accidentaly almost set on of my runs to 80km/h, luckily I noticed my error before I hit the enter button else I would have been catapulted off the end!

Despite the few little problems, I am going to give the treadmill another few goes and maybe see what it's like outside, I'm guessing its a bit easier without having to fiddle about with a million different buttons! Bring it on!

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Hi - well done on getting started. I love my treadmill for when the weather is bad but alsolove running outside. There are differences but neither is easier or harder than the other, just different. And don't worry too much about the buttons. If you use the same type of machine each time, you'll find your fingers prod the correct ones quite naturally. The key, as always, is not to worry about what you're doing - just doing it is a great achievement.


Well done! I found w1r1 the hardest and so far it's got easier since then. I might not be saying that when I start w4 tomorrow!!


nice one LoubyLouu!! glad your first run went ok despite the obstacles!!

good luck for your next run.

ali :-)


Very well done - I take my hat off to you for starting, especially on a treadmill. keep at it and let us know how you get on.


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