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W6 R2...............hardest run yet!

Must admit I struggled with motivation last night.

Got to the gym and had to turn back because my son forgot his shorts.Got back to the gym and how dare everyone be on my favourite set of treadmills.I had to go to another block in the corner,so had my back to the gym.Couln't people watch at all!

The first 10 min run was dreadful. constantly clock watched , and boy was that a long 10 mins! Second 10 mins was just as bad, but I was determined not to give up.

I did it, but it was my least confident run of all.

So do I run W6R2 again, or soldier on to the 25 min run?


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As long as you completed it, I say move on to the next run! You may just surprise yourself! ;-) Go slow, believe in yourself and you will do great! :-) Gayle


Thank Gayle, my son said carry on as I managed the 20 min better than the interval training!


I agree, you're ready to move on. W6R1&2 aren't much fun for some of us. Seems odd that the gym has a treadmill facing into a corner. I love the route I run because there're a lot of people-watching opportunities. Soldier on! :)


Thank you Bluebonnet, Gym has 50 odd treadmills, but I went earlier than usual in the evening and it was heaving.Am going at 9pm tonight so I can go on my usual area of treadmills! Would love to try and run outside at some point, but worried about the impact on my Achilles tendons( having ruptured one 2 years ago!)Maybe when the weather warms up :)


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