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week 7 run 2

this was a hard run. i didn't eat before i left to run, cause i'd had way too much soup ( veggies and noodles with a tomato base, if you were wondering) last night and wasn't hungry, Matt smith was the reader on the audiobook i was listening to, but even hearing The Doctor read a Doctor Who novel to me while i ran didn't help this run. i was very tired by about 15 minutes in and staring at the clock like it was a lifeline after 20. Because i lack a sense of self-preservation and because the treadmill is good at helping me talk my legs into doing things they dont want to, i sped up for the last minute and the cool down walk felt longer and harder than usual. i walked for an extra minute because see above re lack of self-preservation (and with the 5k looming, it felt like a good idea, as at my pace it'll take me 45 or so minutes and by week 9 i'm only supposed to be able to run for about 30) .

Now that it's done, i'm glad it's done, and i pushed to the end but wow. on the bright side, i used to feel after2 or 3 minutes of hard running what i did today after 25 minutes going at a slow run, so i'm making progress, 1 more treadmill run before i go to my mom's house and take on week 8 running outside on the route that kicked my butt in my first post on this site, today was not confidence inspiring but maybe w7r3 will better.

(also, seriously check out one of the audiobooks read by Matt Smith, even if 11 isn't your favorite doctor and you don't think bow-ties are cool, he reads them really well.)

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I've had a Doctor Who audiobook read by David Tennant (his gorgeous soft Scottish accent is wonderful, and he read the Doctor's speaking parts in his Doctor voice, swoon!), but not yet had the pleasure of a Matt Smith one.

I'm currently listening to Tony Britten reading one of Dick Francis' old books, a good murder mystery keeps me running quite well. I've had to postpone Iain Banks' 'Matter', even a couple of hours in I can't seem to stop my mind wandering, possibly all the strange names involved.

I'm one of those that thinks the treadmill is harder than running outside, so go out and enjoy yourself next week!


David Tennant is aweosme, I'm going to have look for one of his audiobooks. I've missed his version of the Doctor It's sort of interesting to think about what makes an audiobook good to run to. A murder mystery sounds fun.

thanks and happy running :)


I remember not feeling like I was seeing progress in the later weeks of the program as well. Your body is conditioning and getting use to running so the progress is not as apparent as the early weeks. Don't worry about speed...just concentrate on running 30 minutes at Graduation. I ran my first 5K distance the week after my Graduation and it took 40 minutes. You will be amazed, as you get use to the 30 minute runs, it will not be that challenging to add another 5,10 and 15 minutes. Sounds impossible now but it is all very doable. Good luck yo you! Gayle


Now, now, nothing wrong with a 45 minute 5k! ;)

Hope you find running outside more distracting than a treadmill. Just make sure you work out where the hills are, and run down them, not up!


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