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W4R1 - wow!

I started the program last year, but I stayed off the program for close to 2 months. My excuse, I was too busy and traveling! About 2 weeks back, I felt that I HAD to restart it. I stopped my earlier runs at W3R2. But since it has been quite sometime, I decided to start with W2 all over again. Surprisingly, I found that getting thru Weeks 2 and 3 were much easier this time. I guess my fitness level has improved after all.

So when I started on Week4, I was upbeat. But W4 R1 was a different story. The first run of 5 mins was very difficult, it turned out that I was running more than half of it uphill! Also it is getting very hot in India. One of the difficulties I had during the 5 min walk was that my mouth was getting parched. I really needed the 2.5 mins after that, I must admit that I slowed down a lot during that. Interestingly I managed the next 3 mins and most of last 5 mins fairly well. But the last 2 mins were very difficult. I was struggling with a parched throat.

I guess I need to carry water with me for the next run. But is a wonderful feeling to see your fitness levels going up!

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Welcome back!! Good luck with the rest of the program, you can do this!! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle!


A good start back! I love the way your icon is carrot-coloured! :)

Out of curiosity - how hot is it where you are in India. Just so I can dream - it's round about zero (C) here, and with a cold wind. Brrrr!


Ah! it gets into low 90s during the day. When I jog later in the evening, it will be in the high 80s. The temperature is a little lower in my place because I live at around 1000m above sea level. We still haven't hit peak summer - 100+ !


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