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Week 3 Run 1

Hurrah! I did it, I ran for 3 mins!

I do think I cheated a little though as I had a free day pass to a Gym so I ran on the treadmill for the first time, much much easier than pounding the pavements. After the 30 mins of run/walking I went on the bike for 30 mins and rode 9km. After that I had some lunch and a bit later I went for a swim and did 20 lengths.

Really enjoyed this and felt really good, hope I haven't overdone it though. Typing this several hours later and although feeling tired don't have any aches or pains yet. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be OK.

They upgraded by day pass to a week so I will be doing all of week 3 runs on the treadmill this week and am very grateful to be inside running as its so cold.

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Mmm - the idea of running inside at the moment doesn't sound such a bad one!


:) I quite liked it the times it worked out that I did the first run of the week on the treadmill, as it got me over the psychological block of 'I can't go that far!' Then having managed the time, I knew I could do it outdoors, too - even though it was much harder. The mind is a funny thing...!

Take it easy and make sure you rest today, even if you don't feel too achy, and look forward to r2 tomorrow :)

Well done!


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