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Couch to 5K
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Wow, I was so worried heading into W9 that I wasn't going to hit that 5K mark.....

And I DID IT!!!! On R1 even (5.08K). I know the importance is just the running for 30 min straight, but I have to say I was surprised. I went down a little in R2 to 4.96K, but still feel like my pace is good and I feel better all the time. Only 1 more run to go on Wednesday!!!! Graduation time. Anyone recommend a 5K-10K app to use after this?

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AWESOME!!! :-) Only 1 more run-soon to be Graduate!!! :-) Some Graduates go on to do the 5K+ podcasts on the home page, others move into a bridge to 10K plan, which there are several versions on the net. Its really whatever you would prefer. Some Graduates even like to stay at 30 minutes and work on building extra stamina and speed. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever will keep you running. :-) Looking forward to your Grad blog! Gayle


Amazing - not that many people manage to reach 5k in 30 minutes by the end of week 9, so you've done brilliantly! :)


That is impressive, nearly time for the green letters after your name.


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