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White heaven

There is almost nothing better in the universe than getting into your stride on a day like this - a thin coating of crisp white snow on everything and a brilliant blue sky. Absolutely heart singingly gorgeous. I did my easy peasy run today - flat and slightly down hill, only uphill is on the warm-up walk, so I felt like I was running really well (which is, of course, a gradient induced illusion).

When the weather's like this I really struggle with taking a rest day. I know it makes sense for my body but it seems such a shame not to make the most of it.

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This sounds glorious! I haven't been out for over a fortnight after a bout of the flu and I'm just starting to think about running again. Your blog has given me the incentive to get out tomorrow for a gentle jog - just 20 mins or so to get going again! :)


"gradient induced illusion" - now that really is a wonderful phrase! And so true!

My snow today was totally different - after dark, wind blowing it in my face - yuk! I think yours sounds much nicer!


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