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I'm pretty sure I have anterior tibial tendonitis

Bit gutted as I'm pretty sure my sore ankle and shin muscles is actually Anterior Tibial tendonitis. I was dying to go out for a run this morning but my sensible head stepped in said it was mother day, people coming for dining and i really shouldn't be running with ATT - rest, rest and more rest.

Anyone else had it? Any advice much appreciated.

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No advice, but lots of sympathy. Sorry - rest sounds like the best thing, as you say. :(


Thought your symptoms sounded familiar morning glory, just googled it and am certain I'm suffering from the same thing. Pain from my ankle running up the inside of my shin. Also hurts to the touch - almost like a bruise. No idea on treatment so am also looking for advice :-(


Exactly the same symptoms. I can still run but apparently it will just get worse.


I had tendinitis in my right foot in December when I tried to start running again after my left foot injury, but it was too soon and I was over compensating on my right foot - this seemed to trigger it. It took about 2-3 weeks of rest to go away completely. And yes - the more I did the worse it got!


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