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Post B210k: the first long, slow run

My first run under the new regime! This is the run where I build up the distance and endurance even further. None of this close-to-12k-in 60-minutes on a Sunday till it's time for that. And what a difference the long, slow approach makes. I was only in need of the extra breath on one and a bit hilly stretches and really felt I was taking my time. However (there's always a but ...) I made a bit of a job getting that speed down to what I wanted. I'm aiming to slow to 6mins/km and to build my time upwards without pushing it. 13k in 1h14m or thereabouts is great (a good bit off my last Sunday) but it was a little faster in places it needn't have been. This has been my longest run but only 10% further than last Sunday. Timewise it was more so I really should focus on not overdoing things. Don't get me wrong: no significant aches and pains and really enjoying the run but I do need to heed the possible consequences. So, next Sunday should be aiming for the same kind of time/ distance but hopefully a little slower.

The rest of the week I hope to get on track: last week got in the one C25k+ Speed run which I plan to repeat this week. I do a 5 minute gentle run either side of the intervals to make 21 minutes. Last week was 3.8k which is probably right, so expect the same this week. Planning for a more intense Speed run once I have the one I want downloaded from Audio Fuel.

Governors' meeting meant I didn't manage the second midweek run last week so mean to get in a C25k+ Stamina run again to try to teach myself some better, more consistent pace. Again I will probably look to Audio Fuel to provide what I need or I may be slightly cunning on this and do a bit of cut-and-paste with the ones I have to produce the run I want. We'll see.

Thanks for reading and happy running.

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Wow, you had a bit of a job slowing your speed down to 6min/km? Blimey? I've spent the last 3 months trying to get my speed UP to 6min/km ;)

Excellent job, I've been upping my distances at the weekends now trying to increase my endurance up to 20km (last run was 11.5km) but I'm running at an average of 6:45min/km. It's real nice slowing it right down though, I enjoy it a lot more.

Goood work!


it sounds like you enjoyed your sunday run :) I only seem to have one pace & dont think I slow mine down for my long runs so would love to know how you manage that. I feel as if Im an elephant running & so heavy on my feet when I go slower. enjoy your speed run. shelley x


Nice to hear you've got a new training plan, can be difficult at first running to a different pace, enjoy your next outing.


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