8r2 done, but really tired today

Well I did 8r2 last night with little problem, but I really ache this morning and do not want to do my normal fill in exercise today.

It was a good session at 9.6 km/hr until the last 5 mins where I increased to 9.8, then the final minute at 10. No injury pains and HR at a manageable level.

Looking forward to the next session that will be outside!

2 Replies

  • Wow, you are flying! Only four more to graduation!

    I'm aching rather a lot today after my muddy parkrun, so I sympathise! Even though the mud was only for a short section of the course, it made me use my muscles quite differently (picking feet up from mud is hard work!) Hope your outdoor run isn't too squishy!

  • Thanks as ever greenlegs for positive feedback.

    Tomorrow is in Germany (again), but not my normal location, so I do not know where the run will be. I hope for no squishy and no snow as I had the latter last time and did not enjoy!

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