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Lost stamina - anyone seen it?

I graduated in October and was trying to steadily improve distance/speed but haven't made much progress due to "stuff" getting in the way. Latest was a sprained ankle followed by a heavy cold followed by a viral infection which made me break out in a horrible rash :-(. I haven't blogged in ages either, just reading everyone else's and getting jealous. I've been trying the odd run and going to the gym but I seem to have lost quite a bit of stamina. I am doing the RunBalmoral 5k at the end of April and although I know I can finish it I'd really like to do it in a decent time. It's a few weeks away so hopefully I'll be able to build up again in that time, just don't want to overdo it.

Any advice from anyone who's gone through similar?

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I had six weeks with no running--on strict instructions from the sports physio--(and 4 weeks with no 'proper' runs prior to that), and when I started back in January I felt I had no stamina. It took me about a month at just plugging away at running for 30 - 40 mins before I began to feel 'normal-ish'. I'm still slower than prior to injury, but am adding speed sessions and longer runs now to build up my speed and stamina.

I'm doing the RunBalmoral Tartan 10K (I'll be the mad wifie running in my mini-kilt!) and am going to start training for the infamous hill. I've scheduled tomorrow to try to tackle (some of) a 100m hill locally.


I'll look out for you then. Saw a video on YouTube of the hill - good luck! My niece is doing the 10k and the 5k.

I looked at last years results and it seems a lot of people just walked the course so I certainly won't be last. And I'm doing it for charity so even if I don't break any records I'll have done my bit for a good cause.


Wow, your niece is super fit if she's doing both the 5K and 10K!

I see from the video that the hill is 100m of ascent over about 1.25km. I've been studying the local map and have got a track in the local woods that is the same height climbed over a similar distance. Once this snow has gone I'm going to start trying this once a week.


That's great you have somewhere similar to practice. Will help a lot.

Have just discovered your blog. Will have a proper look later but fantastic photos - stunning!


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