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So glad I didn't put it off. W6R3

Had such a busy day yesterday running children around all their various activities, they had a two hour party so I was going to run then, but my youngest decided I wasn't going to leave, so another night run!!! The pavements around me are terrible where the tree roots have Broken through I end up running in the road.

It got to 7pm and I could feel a cold coming on by the minute, but I thought 'its Mother's Day tomorrow, I do not intend to see before 12pm' let's get this done :-)

I honestly spent so much time stressing about the 'big' 20 min run last wk this one didn't enter my head, after setting out It dawned on me oh s*** 25 mins.

I jogged nice n slow because i was now in a (25 mins can't do this frame of mind) someone phoned me right where I think Laura should have said 'your half way through' (does she say that?) so I wasn't sure when to turn back, I kept jogging and there I was, at the end!!! OMG at the end 5 mins and its slightly down hill, 'result!' Laura said" if you have the energy try stepping up the pace for the last minute" so I 'ran' for 1 whole minute and I didn't die xxx

Souki Sue (dog) looked at me and said "we'll done mummy go for it" she did, I can read her mind xx

So glad I didn't put it off until today because here I am in bed with worst blooming cold I've had in years :-( and I just know its going onto my chest,

What do u guys do when yr ill? And you have to miss runs.

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Congratulations on a great run and commiserations (sp?) over the cold. Touch wood, but I haven't been ill yet, other than feeling overtired when I did too much.

Mostly though people seem to take a few days off and then worry they'll have to start from week1day1... But then usually find if it's been less than a week that they can carry on more or less from where they were.

Though if it's just a head cold you can carry on if you feel up to it. Chesty colds aren't good though. Hope you can look after yourself (hard with small children) and get well very soon.


It's crazy when I have a cold I just have to carry on (unlike my husband where the world comes to an end) and think of all the things I have to do, maybe put things off (I have my own business) easy.

Now with this cold I'm 'oh no my run, what am I going to do if I can't get out Tuesday!!!!' Maybe I have a different kind of bug, the running bug!!


Splendid job with your 25 minute run, and wise move to start out slow. Souki Sue knew you weren't going to die, such a smart dog. :D

Take care of that cold and hope you get to feeling better soon.


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