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alcohol tolerance/running

This is such a Sunday morning question! I had an evening at the pub last night and had 2 pints of beer, 1 glass of wine and spinny head last night !! BIG hangover today :(

This was over an evening and no food poisoning. I have lost weight and run 3 X a week 5-10k each time over last 6 months.

My question /theory now!! I am wondering if it has been shown that running reduces alcohol tolerance levels? Only a theory, as blood levels/oxygen levels increase (I think) when running regularly and weight decreases, does that mean alcohol affects people more/quicker?? If so, no more booze for me . I rarely drink anyway (maybe a glass of when once a week) but the amount I drank last night was an average amount for pub night!! Anyone know of any studies on this? Back to sofa ....long run tomorrow now!!

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Far too technical for me all I know is after an aperitif and a bottle of wine on a Saturday night I never run as well on Sunday morning, glad I am not out till Tuesday after Mother's Day.Pat :-)


Thanks Pat!! I have been for a run now and is actually a really good hangover cure!! :)


Is it wishful thinking for me to say it could be a one off? :)


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