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Week 6 done........nearly!

Well I nearly did run 3. It was the last little hill that was just too much. But I'm feeling quite positive, the middle bit of the run was great, I actually relaxed and began to enjoy running. If only the 5k route I'm doing didn't end with an uphill bit, I think I would have been ok. I think I did about 22 mins, so I'll just keep on until I feel I can do 25 mins comfortably. I might be going a bit slower than the 9 week plan, but I'm getting out there every other day and beginning to enjoy it. Can't believe I have got to here after only 6 weeks! Bad news is that my ankle hurts a bit, I've had ice on it tonight, fingers crossed it won't be too bad tomorrow and will recover with the rest day. Looking forward to the next run!

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Could you turn round and redo a flat bit, instead of the hill? Especially if your ankle is still not too happy. There are no rules saying your run has to have hills in it! Though maybe you'd have to walk extra at the end then (might be worth it!)

I've enjoyed having at go at working out how to do hills (basically - go even slower and take shorter steps, so the effort is barely greater than the flat) since graduation, but had avoided them completely before.

On the other hand, if you're happy practising with your hill, go ahead and do it - you'll be all the stronger when you do graduate, and it really doesn't matter how long it takes.

Hope the ankle feels better tomorrow. Go gently if it doesn't - maybe take an extra rest day or two. :)


Good advice, thanks. I was feeling really good until I hit the hill (an incline really!). It feels a bit of a cheat to avoid hills, and not very easy round here, but it would be such a boost to run for 25 mins - something I never dreamt I would be able to do.


I avoid hills ... there may be an odd little incline, but I keep the route flat. Having been on a treadmill running for a couple of weeks over christmas to avoid the ice, I definately think running outside on pavements, tracks is by far much harder. So I stick to running outside and don't plan to go back to the treadmill. Week 7 run 1 in the morning ... can't wait!


I did W9R1 today on the same flat route I've been running since the beginning, doesn't feel like cheating to me. Once I finish the program I maybe/might go looking for some hills. ;)

Hope your ankle gets to feeling better so you can keep on with the longer runs, and if you decide to turn around and finish the run on the downhill, well, there's nothing wrong with that. :)


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