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Today's the day!

Ok so I haven't run since 14th January. My knee is so much better - just a few niggles, mostly at night strangely. Well today I have decided to give it a go. It's getting to the stage were I'm getting worried that I'll never start again - not because I don't want to but because I'm apprehensive of what will happen when I try!

So this afternoon I'm going to give week 1 a go just to see how I get on. If that goes well it will be week 2 on Monday and so on until I feel I need to do all three runs for a given week. :-)

If it doesn't go well it's back to the couch for a couple more weeks I suppose. :-(

Wish me luck.


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Good luck! Just re graduated myself after a long injury break.

Slow but sure and you will do it :)


I'm willing you on! Slow but sure... :)


Good luck, viki! It really just takes time when you've ***ed your knees. I did mine beginning Nov and they are now 99% okay. Do an ice pack after your run for 20 minutes, I always found that helped.

My fingers are crossed for you, and here in Switzerland we hold our thumbs instead of crossing our fingers so I'll do that too... quite difficult, actually! :-D

Keep us posted! :-)


I hope it went well, viki :)


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