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8r1 done. What, 3 minutes more!

Last night after a hard day's work and a delayed flight, I still had enough in the tank and some enthusiasm to run the first run of week 8. I do not read ahead and was surprised to hear Laura tell me I had to run a whole 3 minutes more. i.e. 28 minutes run.

It is a testament to the programme, as I did not struggle at all and finished with enough energy to increase my speed in the last minute or so.

Looking forward to the next run!

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That's great to hear! The end of the programme is in sight, and it's wonderful that the extra 3 minutes didn't cause you any problems. You'll be a graduate before you know it :)


Thanks for your comments. Really believing it now!


I felt better with this run, but think I took it slower at the beginning so had energy at the end, unlike my last 25 minute run:)

Not long until Graduation Shinjin, hope it goes well :D


Thanks for the feedback,

I kept my pace up deliberately and all was OK. I will try again today and see if I can keep at this level.


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