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End of week 6

I feel awesome. I'm literally just back from the run and not only did i just manage to run 25 minutes, i did it at 1% incline on the treadmill (most of my runs have been at 0 - .5%). it's so crazy, week 6 run 2 was another hard one for me and i wasn't at all sure I'd manage this one but i did and i ran a little on the (very short) way back to my apartment. Laura says I'm officially a runner and i knew it was coming cause I've read week six posts, but it's really awesome to hear it. i'm gonna go shower and attack some strawberries. (and i am not going to pull the podcast up on itunes to hear the 'officially a runner' thing again, nope, not me ;) .

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Enjoy that feeling of acheivement and well-being - you deserve it! :)


Hope you enjoy re-hearing that 'officially a runner' thing again! ;) It's strange just how powerful that is, even when you know it's coming up. You are doing a grand job! :)


You are a runner! YIPPEEEE! I KNEW you could ace it! Well done and enjoy the feeling! :-) Gayle


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