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W6R3 Today

Friday again and time for W6 R3, if I'm not mistaken it's 24 minutes of continuous running today, sigh... Sat here now trying to motivate myself, it's not a good morning though, my joints and especially my right knee ache today for some reason, I'm also very tired.

I think I'm going to try to get some blood flowing to my muscles with a slow warm up before attempting the run in an hour or so, maybe use the rolling pin method demonstrated in one of the Queries that had been answered in the Questions section.

Trust in the Program!

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25 mins running for w6 r3 :-D

listen to your body though and if you feel you need another rest day - have one, otherwise enjoy the run, you will be fine - start slow and steady and one step at a time - i bet you post again later telling us how good you feel for completing w6r3!



Yes thank you, Job Done! 25 minutes of running. It was not too bad, I had a few wobbly moments but Failure was not an Option!

My Right Hip/Groin is aching quite bad it started to do so 15 minutes into the run, does anyone have any tips on fixing that in 2 days before W7 starts?


I completed run3 of week 6 this morning!!! It was my second attempt and it was hard going but I did it. Give it a good go and make sure you keep a steady pace. If you don't quite get there today don't beat yourself up about it - just consider it a practice run and try again in a couple of days.


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