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Missing it!!

After completing week 3 from couch potato, I've now missed out on three weeks running due to childcare & now a rotten cold. I'm surprised at how much I'm missing my little runs and am now actually getting envious whilst reading peoples blogs and seeing your achievements. The question is, should I start from week one when I get back on it next week, repeat week 3 or plough into week4??

Enjoy your runs everyone :-)

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I'd try repeating week 3 and see how you get on. If it's difficult, drop back to week 2. If it's okay, try moving on to week 4. It's lovely to hear that you're missing it, although I hope your cold clears up soon. All the best with the running - keep blogging and tell us how it goes :)


I'm in much the same boat in as much as I haven't been out for a fortnight because of the flu. I'm only now starting to think about it and am wondering what kind of a run to do. Annie's advice above sounds good - see how it goes, you might be pleasantly surprised! :)


Yes, try it and see - better than worrying about it for too long. Hope you're both feeling better and running happily again soon.


Thanks everyone. Feeling worse today so not sure when I'll be back on it. I'll give week 3 another go when I do & am looking forward to it :-)


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