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Day after W2 R2

Hurting! Bottom of back and left shin. I hope these are just aches as my body gets used to running 3 times a week plus netball once a week. R3 on Saturday after playing netball on Friday, it will be hard!

On Monday I'm going to start W3 but a little differently, I'm going to do R1 on the treadmill, I think that should make it a little easier as it will definitely be on the flat and no slope/hills! I got a free pass to Fitness First, looking forward to the Sauna and Swim after I've completed the run.

Good luck to all of you running this week ??

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Hi Julie, I think a few aches and pains are to be expected. I certainly had a few when I first started, and still do now and again. I found that really stretching out after a run made a huge difference. I got some yoga stretches from YouTube and they work a treat. Enjoy your Fitness First visit! :)


I am finding week 2 difficult with aching shins whilst running - and as hubby hasnt got out of week 1 yet (arthritic ankle been playing up) - I will keep doing Week 2 until he has caught up with me. We have been getting back ache too - but the rest days help a lot. As for hills our route contains a couple of steep inclines which arent too helpful when you get to your last run and are begging for Laura to tell you it's all over!!!!!!!!! Julie - I cant wait till we all get to the latter weeks and look back at these early ones and laugh :-)))


Hi, sorry to hear about hubby, hope he's back running with you soon. I've got a little back ache as well, hopefully it's just the body getting used to things. It must be quite a shock to the joints to be exercising 4 times a week!! And it will be funny to look back on these blogs in 3 months time!?


Are your shoes okay? Wrong shoes can give you back pain, and so can the wrong technique, this is a good page:


Your treadmill plan sounds good, I'm treadmilling after knee problems in the winter and it's definitely easier on the body. Do lots of stretches afterwards too, and a nice hot bath can work wonders for a sore back.

Happy running! :-)


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