After my brush the other day with wormholes, space time continuum and other things beyond my understanding, I really wasn't looking forward to this one. Things looked bleaker as the day went on and the weather got worse. I began to tell myself that it's ok not to do things and then I swore and headed out. I am very contrary.

It was grey and dreich and even the warm up walk seemed hard. Oh it was a long 5 minutes starting run, a slightly less awful 71/2 minutes. Being told I had lasted 20 minutes was marvellous and the the next 4 minutes so, so long. I did smile for the final 60 seconds though. It's done. Now thinking I might just manage it. Yippee!

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  • Well done!

    Second half is always less bad than the first half, I find. Sometimes it's even fun! Even in the rain occasionally, but it was very grey and dull today. (Not famililar with dreich, but it sounds very expressive of yuckiness.)

  • You is fabulous!!!! X

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