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After my brush the other day with wormholes, space time continuum and other things beyond my understanding, I really wasn't looking forward to this one. Things looked bleaker as the day went on and the weather got worse. I began to tell myself that it's ok not to do things and then I swore and headed out. I am very contrary.

It was grey and dreich and even the warm up walk seemed hard. Oh it was a long 5 minutes starting run, a slightly less awful 71/2 minutes. Being told I had lasted 20 minutes was marvellous and the the next 4 minutes so, so long. I did smile for the final 60 seconds though. It's done. Now thinking I might just manage it. Yippee!

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Well done!

Second half is always less bad than the first half, I find. Sometimes it's even fun! Even in the rain occasionally, but it was very grey and dull today. (Not famililar with dreich, but it sounds very expressive of yuckiness.)


You is fabulous!!!! X


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