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Not quitting, just having a breather!

Well having got to week 7 a few weeks ago it trailed off due to lots of excuses, cold days working away, nasty infections etc etc.

I did manage to get out for a 20 minure run on that warm Sunday (remember that!!) over the country park and it showed me the difference between treadmill and park running is like light and day so I have decided to start possibly from week 1 again albeit at a quicker pace ( do you think you run faster outside?) and then only use the gym for weights (ok then steam room, pool and sauna!!)

Basically it will be like starting over and I am really not bothered as the health benefits and weight loss (over a stone) since December have been brilliant and its like a new lease of life.

So please, please hurry up Spring (anything below 10 degrees makes my asthma/copd play up severly) as this has to be the longerst Winter ever doesnt it?

By the way this forum is so inspiring everyone on here deserves praise, I would have given up plenty of times otherwise.

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I bet you'll find week 1 easy peasy this time, if that's what you decide to do. You'll probably not have lost nearly as much stamina as you expect.

But maybe the best idea is to just get started again, maybe using the treadmill for a bit until the weather warms up? People do seem to swap from treadmill to outdoors without too much trouble. Great that you've had such good benefits already - what are you waiting for?!

Jump back in - you're missing out!


That sounds like a good plan as I'm sure you feel it all so much easier this time round. I don't know about running faster outside as I've never run inside, but I'd imagine time goes faster outside! ;-)

We've been very fortunate up here in the Highlands and have two (or is it three?) weeks of glorious unseasonally mild weather; we've been thoroughly spoilt. But winter is returning this weekend with sleet and snow. We know winter is never over until after the 'lambing snows.


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